Divine Painters has been a top Toronto interior residential house painting company for over 50 years. We are a 3 generation family owned and managed business. We have thousands of satisfied customers that not only call us to paint their own home, but also their children, relatives and friends.

How often should you be painting the interior of your home?

Let’s face it, paint is only a thin film, and regardless of brand, in high traffic areas, it gets scuffed, burnished, and worn or chipped in certain areas. In other cases, where there is very little traffic, your walls may look great, but, the colour is just not suitable any longer. These are signs that it’s time to refresh and renew the interior paint of your home.

Prospective buyers are attracted to a clean and well kept house. Did you know that painting your house prior to putting your house on the market will actually increase the value of your home and potentially increase your selling price? According to top real estate agents, a fresh coat of paint, with up to date colours, makes for an easier and quicker sale.


You have probably heard the term Zero VOC, but what does it mean to you? VOC is short for “Volatile Organic Compounds.” These are the ingredients or compounds in paint that causes some people to feel nauseous or sick as a result of the toxic chemicals in paint. In the past, the best time to paint the interior of your home was the summer so you can open windows to let the house air out. Today, however, we only use paint with low or zero emissions, this allows us to paint interior residential homes all year round without the ill effects of the paint. As a side note, we’ve been using Life Master from Dulux a Zero VOC paint, since 1991 because it’s better for our customers, our staff and the environment