You decided its a time for a new look or to re-fresh the exterior of your home, but need professional help to choose colours. As part of our service, we will provide a consultation with a professional Decorator/Designer to help you in this area. For a small fee, our consultant will meet with you to interpret your needs, and, accordingly will suggest colours for the exterior of your home. After colours and textures have been approved, your job is complete and ours begins.

Set up and Preparation

Just like Interiors, we protect the areas being painted with plastic and/or drop clothes. We scrape, sand and remove loose or peeling paint. When necessary, we wash the areas to be painted in order to remove residue, pollutants and contaminants in order to promote adhesion of new paint. Next we caulk where required, patch where required, prime and/or spot prime areas as necessary.


Now we are ready to paint and apply sufficient coats, as per the manufacturers specifications, in order to achieve uniformity of colour and texture. At all times we try not to use solvent based products, in order to protect our environment.

Clean Up

We remove all plastic, masking tape, and drop clothes, replace hardware sweep and/or vacuum.


We invite you with us for a walk through the entire project to make sure you are completely satisfied with our workmanship./

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