Hospital Painting, School Painting and Institutional Painting

At Divine Painters, we have been a great choice for hospital painting, school painting and Church painting for a very long time. We have been using low and zero VOC paint since inception. My dad was using Life Master zero VOC paint since the early 1990’s. It was a commitment he made to improve the overall well being to his clients and himself. We have had the pleasure to paint hospitals since that time. Some of the hospitals include Humber River Hospital and Toronto Rehab.

Painting a hospital or school facility is a sensitive project that requires a skilled and knowledgeable painting contractor. Because of our extensive experience painting hospitals, schools and churches since the early 1990’s, Divine Painters has the expertise to paint in demanding environments, including surgery and consultation rooms, offices, laboratories and cafeterias., auditoriums and sanctuaries.

One of the challenges of painting these types of facilities is scheduling the work in a way that will not conflict with the daily operation. In order to accommodate the needs of hospitals, schools and churches, at Divine Painters we can schedule our work at night, weekends and evenings. We also maintain a tidy work area and coordinate our work to minimize disruption to your vital operations.

Due to the nature of the environment we are painting, our staff understands that it is highly sensitive area to be painted. Divine Painters is experienced and knowledgeable in ZERO VOC products, so that your patients and staff and parishioners can enjoy a freshly painted environment without the effects of any toxic off gases from the products we use. Upon request we will provide you with all the technical and MSDS sheets of all the products we use so you can feel at ease knowing your environment is safe while we are painting.