Get the Alberton Kitchen of Your Dreams at a Fraction of the Cost

Enjoy spending time in your kitchen when Divine Painters revitalizes your space. Imagine entertaining friends or cooking for family after it's been freshly updated!

Your kitchen is one of the most critical rooms in your home, and traditionally the most expensive to renovate. But there is no need to rip your cabinets out of the wall in order to update your look. You can save 60-70% of the cost, and avoid sending good cabinets to the landfill, by having them professionally repainted instead.

This is a tricky job for novices because your cabinets need to be properly prepared and expertly painted in order to get the like-new look you expect. Luckily, Divine Painters has over 50 years of experience painting kitchens and homes in Alberton. We've succeeded because we consistently delight our customers with the quality of our work and with how simple the process is.

You can feel confident that when you invite us into your kitchen, we'll care for it like it's our own.

Completely Change Your Look and Cut Your Costs.

The average Alberton family spends $25,000 or more on kitchen renovations. You can cut this cost dramatically while still completely changing the look and feel of your space. Some companies recommend ripping off and throwing out all your doors or gutting your entire kitchen in order to renovate. Of course, this is expensive. If your cabinets are structurally sound, it is much simpler and infinitely cheaper to refinish or repaint.

Renovation companies are quick to tell you that if your cabinets are not painted properly, they will warp or peel. But our experienced painters take the time with surface preparation to ensure that the paint adheres properly and that your cabinets can easily withstand their heavy use. At the same time, our team can change out your knobs, pulls and hardware to match your new look.

We're confident that you'll be thrilled with the results, and we guarantee your satisfaction. Call us for a quote and we'll be happy to explain our warranties in detail.

Choose Cabinet Colours You Love

Divine Painters has been featured twice in Canadian Living for spectacular condo makeovers. Put our expertise to work for you by booking a consultation with our designer so you can pick your colours with confidence.

We take the time to evaluate the condition of your existing cabinets and understand your needs. Once you've explained your vision to us, we can explore products and colours together. There are many finishing options! If sun or time has caused a yellow colour shift, we can darken and restore the luster of your wood in just one day. Advanced water based lacquers might be used to spray and refinish. And painted kitchens are popular, especially if you want to completely change the look of your kitchen.

There's an incredible variety in styles of doors. Raised panels have detailed edging or decorative molding. There are recessed panels, or shaker style doors. There's also flat panels, slab or Euro doors which are used in many simple, modern kitchens. Sometimes it can be hard to tell what materials your cabinets are made of, and whether they can be refinished. But our painters and designers can quickly assess your kitchen and explain your options.

Your kitchen's appearance can influence the value of your home by thousands of dollars. Most homeowners keep these colours for at least 5-10 years. So you want to be confident that you'll love your kitchen for years to come. Put our 50 years of experience to work for you and feel confident that you are making choices that will bring you pleasure while protecting your investment.

Rely on the eyes of the artists who created some of Alberton's most incredible living spaces. Call us today for a consultation.

Get What You Want in Much Less Time

With repainting, your space will look gorgeous in much less time. Repainting takes 1-5 days, while replacing cabinets takes a month or even longer.

While it might be fun to eat out for a meal or two, going without the use of your kitchen for a long period of time can be a real source of stress. Plus, eating takeout day after day isn't good for your budget or your waistline.

Repainting allows you to proceed without the extra steps of consulting architects or having to get city permits. Our work gets done quickly, but efficiently. We're one of the few companies that take the extra step of meeting with condo managers to ensure that our work complies with their regulations. This allows your work to proceed on schedule.

Divine Painters is fully licensed, insured and certified. We start on time, proceed on your schedule and don't stop until you've had a full walkthrough to approve our work.

We've all had friends and neighbours who were displaced for months from their living spaces after hiring semi-professional companies that don't keep their promises. When you hire Divine Painters, you know that we'll respect your time and your schedule!

More Beauty, Less Mess

Demolishing a kitchen creates a ton of garbage, both in your home and for the landfill. But there's no need to breathe dust for months when you can have us paint your kitchen in days.

We respect your space. Our team keeps the workspace tidy. Whenever possible, we remove items such as doors and paint them offsite. And while painting fixed cabinets or crown molding, we carefully isolate everything, protecting your surfaces and keeping them safe.

Our clients are thrilled to come back to a space that is so much neater than they ever expected! And you can be sure that when the job is done, we tidy up carefully before we do our final walkthrough.

We're Easy to Work With.

Our family business has lasted for 3 generations because we care about our customers. We build long term relationships, and our goal is to be the first company you call for all of your painting needs.

This business is built on trust, referrals and relationships. We strive for more than 100% satisfaction. We want to go above and beyond your expectations.

Divine Painters serves the Greater Alberton Area.

Get the kitchen of your dreams, with minimal disruption and expense. Please check out our glowing reviews and contact us today for your free estimate.

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