From the 1960’s to the 1980’s wallpaper was the common wall covering used in homes, condos and offices in Akron. You just purchased a house or condo with what seems like miles and miles of tacky prints that need to be removed and painted. It’s not an easy task to take on if you’ve never removed wallpaper before. Leave it us at Divine Painters to tackle even the most difficult wallpaper removal. We’ll remove, prep, paint and make your walls look great again!

However, wallpaper does have its place today. Some designers and customers like to accentuate a small area to give a room character or warmth that paint alone would not achieve. With today’s wallpaper, you don’t want to take this on yourself. You need to know which glue to use, or not to use, or if you need glue at all. Some of these papers can be very expensive, so why take a chance. We have trained professionals available to install wallpaper quickly and efficiently