Your toronto residence is more than just a place to live, it’s a place to relax and rejuvenate at the end of a busy day. It’s where you host friends and celebrate holidays. It’s your own - a place where you can express your unique sense of style and beauty.

Keeping your home well maintained and looking beautiful lifts your mood and adds to your feelings of harmony and well being. And whether you see your home from the curb or walk in through the front door, nothing affects the beauty of your home more than colour.

At Divine Painters, we’ve been helping Agincourt homeowners fall in love with their homes for more than 50 years. Residential painting was part of our founder’s business from the very beginning, where he painted homes in Italy, Switzerland and Germany, under the supervision of master painters, before moving to Agincourt.

We work with multiple generations of Agincourt families, and are honoured to be welcomed back into your home, and the homes of your children or friends.

We work hard to earn your trust, caring for your space as if it were our very own. We want you to rest easy and know that you’ve made the best choice when inviting us to paint your residence.

Experience the difference in our first meeting, as you enjoy an unparalleled level of care and professionalism.

Come home to the colours you love.

Changing your paint colours completely changes how you feel about your home. Enjoy the look and feel of your residence for years with the help of our top designers. With their expert guidance and experience working in some of Agincourt’s most exclusive residences, you can feel confident that you’ll make great choices and protect your investment.

Detached houses in Agincourt sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars. The colour of your front door, exterior, kitchen, bathrooms and dining room can impact this value by thousands. Don’t second guess yourself, agonizing over paint chips and watching do-it-yourself renovation shows. Let us make the process easy and the results professional.

A professional paint job can increase the value of your home and lead to a quick sale. Or if you choose to remain in your home, you’ll get to experience years of living in a beautifully decorated space, with the colours you love.

We’ll take care of everything for you.

It used to be that you had to contact multiple companies for drywalling, stucco repair, spraying and painting. This led to high costs and many headaches because you had to coordinate the schedules of several contractors.

Divine Painters has a team of professionals with experience in interiors, exteriors, windows, stucco, cabinets, wallpaper and more. We can design a comprehensive look for your home, and complete all the work within our company. From top to bottom, inside and out, your residential paint job will be harmonious and long lasting. And it will cost a fraction of the price and take a fraction of the time of coordinating with multiple companies.

Maybe you’re putting up an accent wall with designer wallpaper - or tearing down rooms of it. Repairing stucco. Refinishing your kitchen. Painting your front door. You can be sure that we have the right materials and the extensive experience required to do every job right.

No need to worry about peeling or blistering paint from an unprofessional job. We stand behind the quality of our work and are committed to your satisfaction, so we offer a 2 year limited warranty on our workmanship. Please view this link for more details.

We’ll care for your Agincourt home as if it’s our own.

Your home and your furnishings are a huge investment. Plus, your residence is full of personal and sentimental belongings. At Divine Painters, we realize that respecting your space, your time and your property is critically important in earning your continued business.

When you read our reviews, you’ll notice that our customers are amazed by the cleanliness of our work spaces and the care we take in protecting your home.

We respect your belongings. We carefully protect your furniture with plastic and drop clothes, and remove or cover hardware to protect them from paint. When the job is over, we reinstall hardware, uncover your furniture, clean and vacuum to ensure that your home is spotless.

We respect your privacy. With 50 years of working around sensitive documents in private homes, law offices and hospitals, you can be sure that we care deeply about your privacy and our company’s good reputation.

We respect your time. With all of our professionals working together, we complete each job quickly and neatly, keeping to your schedule and making sure that the work is done on time so that you can return to enjoying your home as soon as possible.

We respect your health and the environment. Painting used to be done in the summer so that painters could open the windows and air out dangerous fumes. No more. Since the 1990’s, Divine Painters has used zero VOC (volatile organic compounds) paints. Our paints don’t release dangerous chemicals into your home and are much better for your health and the environment. Plus, they are better for your schedule because we can paint year-round.

When our work is done, we’ll walk through your home with you so you can admire the craftsmanship and be assured that we delivered on all of these promises.

We’re easy to work with.

Our family business has lasted for 3 generations because we work hard to exceed your expectations. We know that going above and beyond in our work is the best way to earn your continued business and enthusiastic recommendations.

We want you to call us back for all of your residential and commercial projects. To this end, we try to make sure that every interaction with you is easy, friendly and professional.

Divine Painters proudly serves the Greater Agincourt Area and the rest of Ontario.

Your dream of coming home to a perfectly painted residence, with little disruption or expense, is closer than you think. Check out our reviews and find out for yourself why our customers keep coming back.

Call us today. We’re looking forward to transforming your home.