Impress Your Clients

Your office plays a critical role in making a good first impression on potential clients. It reflects your attention to detail and professionalism. A well maintained space with the right colours tells the story of your brand. Your clients judge your office within seconds and the colours of your walls will make a huge impact. Paint colours affect your customer's mood and can even influence if they do business with you.

When a visitor walks into your workplace, you want them to see a well designed space. You want harmonious colours and professional workmanship that will leave your potential clients feeling more confident in your company.

Colours are deeply connected with emotions and experiences. But many professionals want to get on with the running of their business and don't want to spend time looking at paint chips and experimenting. Our customers often appreciate the help of our designers when choosing their office paint colours. Or, they want their walls to reflect very specific corporate colours and need our expertise to ensure that they get that perfect shade.

Sophisticated. Artistic. Professional. How do you want your customers to see you?

With Divine Painters, you can be sure that our professional designers and painters will paint the picture you want your clients to see.

Boost Your Energy

Most people spend the majority of their waking hours at work. You will likely spend more time in your office environment than you will in your home. The colours of your walls and the overall feel of your space will affect your mood and your productivity. The wrong colours can create feelings of depression; the right colours can energize.

You want your office to be a place that people enjoy working in. Companies invest thousands of dollars in recruiting and training staff. Painting your office is a small investment with a big impact on how your team feels about coming in to the workplace. With one small change you can improve the mood of your office and the productivity of your workforce.

Enjoy Uninterrupted Workflow

As business owners ourselves, we understand how important it is to keep serving your customers. You cannot afford to shut down during renovations - and you don't have to! We offer a special service to our corporate clients, called ghost painting. This is an after hours painting service where we come in when your business is closed, and transform your walls while you sleep.

Imagine transforming the look and feel of your workplace without having to turn a single customer away! After decades in business, we've realized that one of the secrets to our success is our ability to work quickly and neatly. We get the job done well so you can get on with serving your customers. Our clients are thrilled that they can get renovations done without a gigantic mess.

We Respect Your Time.

Our team shows up on time and completes work on schedule. With craftspeople from a variety of trades, we can often complete your entire project in house which saves you money and saves you from the hassle of trying to coordinate with multiple companies.

We often coordinate with building owners, managers and security. We'll make sure that all of our work complies with regulations and building codes. Since we take this step at the very beginning, we can complete your job without interruption.

We Respect Your Privacy

Divine Painters is the company of choice for several prominent Agincourt North offices, hospitals and schools. Our clients include top GTA law firms such as CF Law, LMVS LLP, and Spagnuolo Professional Corporation, along with CR Accounting and Management services, a top accounting and bookkeeping firm. We work in many highly sensitive environments and have a deep respect for your privacy and the privacy of your clients. We're proud of our reputation and value your business and your trust.

We Respect Your Space

You've invested thousands in furnishing your workplace. We take care to protect your investment by moving furniture, covering it with drop clothes and often removing hardware. Then we take great care to return everything to its original location and clean up thoroughly when the job is complete.

We Care About Your Health and the Environment

There is no need to expose your staff or the environment to dangerous fumes. Since the 1990's, we've used zero VOC (volatile organic compounds) paint. These paints don't release dangerous chemicals into your workplace. They are better for your health and better for the environment. Plus, since we don't need to air out dangerous fumes, we can paint your office at whatever time of year is most convenient for you.

We're easy to work with.

Our family business has lasted for 3 generations because we work hard to exceed your expectations. We know that going above and beyond in our work is the best way to earn your continued business and enthusiastic recommendations.

Our staff's professionalism, the quality of our workmanship, our tidy workspaces and our willingness to coordinate with building managers are just a few of the reasons why Divine Painters is so often recommended for Agincourt North office painting projects.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

At the end of every job, we'll walk through with you to make sure that you are completely satisfied with our work and the care we've taken with your space. This is our favourite part of our work - we know you'll be thrilled with our workmanship and that your office will look like new once we're through!

A professional paint job looks good for years. We stand behind our work and offer a

2 year limited warranty on our workmanship. Please click here for details.

We want you to call us back for all of your commercial projects and to recommend us to your contacts. To this end, we try to make sure that every interaction with you is easy, friendly and professional.

Divine Painters proudly serves the Greater Agincourt North Area and Southern Ontario, from Niagara-on-the-Lake to Oshawa, and Barrie to Queens Quay.

Your dream of having a perfectly painted Agincourt North office, with little disruption or expense, is closer than you think. Check out our reviews and find out for yourself why our customers keep coming back.

Call us today. We're looking forward to transforming your workspace.