Aberfoyle Stucco Repair and Spraying

Water leaks can quickly stain your stucco. In the past, a room with a damaged stucco or “popcorn” ceiling required two companies to fix, a home painting company for repainting and a drywall company for the repair.

No more.

Our team at Divine Painters has special training in stucco repair and spraying. So you can save money and hassle by having our company take care of both your ceiling and your walls.

We’ve seen it all. Textured ceiling damage due to water leakage. Ugly discolouration. Saggy ceilings with long cracks. Poor repairs and amateur patches.

What might look like an absolute mess to you, looks totally repairable to us. Imagine your relief and surprise when your home looks as good as new again. Our team at Divine Painters will carefully repair the area, making sure that it’s impossible to tell the difference between the original finish and the new work.

We’ll restore your room to perfection.

Your  Aberfoyle Home Will Look Even Better Than Before

Our team of painters and designers share a great love of colour, beauty, and design. We match the colours and textures of your ceiling, expertly coordinating your ceilings with your walls.

When you work with just one company, you can be sure that the colours, textures and finishes will give a polished final look to your room. Whether you want to restore the room to its original beauty or use this opportunity to create a completely different look, the designers and colour specialists at Divine Painters can make it happen.

Save Money and Time

Using multiple companies for stucco repair and painting can drive up your costs and create many headaches as you try to coordinate schedules with different contractors.

When we provide the entire service, we can send just a few highly trained professionals into your home. There’s no need to accommodate the schedules of two companies and multiple workers. Plus, you know our team is used to working together and has their process worked out to perfection. Lastly, since we’re already there to do the painting, we can offer you a very competitive price for the stucco repair.

With decades of experience behind us, we know how to best coordinate projects in order to get the work done with minimal disruption to you.

Enjoy Peace of Mind

Divine Painters has worked in some of Aberfoyle’s most beautiful residences. Our work has been featured twice in Canadian Living for our incredible condo makeovers. For 50 years and 3 generations, we’ve served the GTA.

Divine Painters has been repairing and repainting homes in the Greater Aberfoyle Area for over 50 years. We’ve worked for multiple generations of families, and are honoured to be welcomed back into their homes and the homes of their children.

Repeat business and referrals are the highest compliment our company can receive. We know that you’re truly happy when you recommend us to your friends! And your happiness is the cornerstone of our business.

We care deeply about the quality of our work and our reputation. So we work hard to make sure that you’re thrilled with our work, not just satisfied.

You can feel secure when hiring our team that we’ll treat your home as if it were our own. You’ve invested money in your home and furnishings, and we invest time in carefully covering and protecting your furniture so it stays safe during the repairs.

Right from the first meeting, you’ll enjoy an unparalleled level of care and professionalism. We’re confident that we’ll get the job done right and we stand behind our work. (Ask us about our 2 year limited warranty on our workmanship!)

As you read our reviews, you’ll discover how relieved clients are to return to a tidy, beautiful home. They appreciate the care we take with the cleanup, and love returning to a space that is both impeccably painted and impeccably clean!

Before we begin, we’ll reach out to your condo manager and security personnel. This is one of our secrets to making sure that your work continues on schedule. We also show great respect to your neighbours and to your family, and take care not to disrupt them.

Time and again, our painters are described as friendly and professional. They show up on time and stay on schedule. Our crew coordinates the stucco repair and painting perfectly, so the work can be completed efficiently and on time.

We want you to return to enjoying your space as quickly as possible!

We respect your privacy. Our painters have worked in many places with sensitive documents, such as private homes, law offices and hospitals. We value your trust and care deeply about your privacy.

We care about the environment and your health. Painters used to have to work with the windows open so they could air out dangerous fumes. But Divine Painters carefully selects materials like zero VOC paints which are better for your health, the health of our workers and the environment. We don’t cut corners and risk your health or our environment. Please let us know if you have special health concerns or would like more information about our materials. We’re happy to have this conversation.

These details really make the difference in creating a positive experience for you.

Experience the difference for yourself. Reach out to us today and we’ll give you a free estimate on your stucco repair and repainting.

Divine Painters serves the Greater Aberfoyle Area and the rest of Ontario.

Our clients gush about their experiences with us. Check out our glowing reviews and contact us today. We’re looking forward to thrilling you with our work.